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Israel 60th Anniversary Egg

Theo Fabergé, the last grandson of Imperial Jeweler Carl Fabergé, created the 60th Anniversary Egg to celebrate the founding of the modern state of Israel. The Egg is formed in fine silver, hand engine turned and finished in the azure blue of the Israeli flag –– the same guilloché enamel technique made famous by his grandfather almost 100 years ago.. The finial is the Star of David crafted in silver and 24 karat gold. To the top of the Egg, Theo Fabergé applies the Badge of Jerusalem, designed by A. Koren and chosen as the official symbol of the city on the first of the month of Adar, 1950; the lion of Judah appears in front of the wall, and an olive branch stands out in relief against the pristine white enamel. To the lower half appear the famous Fabergé swags and bows, and the Egg is posed on a base of engine turned silver and gold.

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Israel 60th Anniversary Egg by Theo Faberge

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