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Jungle Egg by Theo Faberge

Theo Fabergé´s Jungle Egg captivates in charming artistry, mankind´s love and concern for our fellow creatures and their habitats.

Surmounting Theo´s creation is an imperial crown set with a cabochon ruby in tribute to his family´s origins at the imperial court. The Jungle Egg itself is free blown in lead crystal. Enamel is hand-applied in multiple layers, and high-fired to achieve the brilliance of hue of the tropical jungle´s vegetation.

Four orangutans – the mother holding her baby, a yearling, and the magnificent father – are modeled from sterling silver and embellished with 18kt gold, with eyes of sparkling dark sapphires. They take their positions to raise the Egg clear from the ground, in a symbol of holding the weight of jungle destruction on their backs to save the rain forest.

A full British hallmark, the edition number and Theo´s personal signature decorate this exquisite ornament. Mankind, itself so often threatening our kindred species and their homes, finds its representative is Theo Fabergé´s inspired homage.

Limited Edition 250
Height approximately 5½ inches

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Jungle Egg by Theo Faberge