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World Egg

Theo Fabergé was always fascinated by maps and nauticalia, in part inspired by his world travels via cruise ship and air. From this passion came the concept for an egg incorporating these, the World Egg.

The World Egg is created in hand cut and hand gilded clear crystal. The finial is Theo’s signature sterling silver and gold Imperial Crown, offset with a cabochon ruby. The Egg sits upon an ornamentally turned marine capstan, crafted on Theo Fabergé’s antique Holtzapffel lathe, dating from the 1860s.

In the tradition of Theo’s grandfather Peter Carl Fabergé, jeweler to the royals of Europe and official jeweler to the court of Romanov Czars, the World Egg has a surprise within: a miniature blue crystal and gold accented globe. But that is not all as when the crown is rotated, the globe spins to pin point your position in the world on your travels.

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World Egg
Limited Edition 750
Height approximately 6¼ inches