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Samson Egg

Theo Fabergé’s Samson Egg celebrates the beauty of Peterhof Palace, the Royal Summer Residence of the Czars in St. Petersburg. This world heritage site is surrounded by over 200 amazing fountains in its parks. The Samson Fountain, the focal point of the lower grounds, is lavishly detailed and gilded with 24 karat.

The Samson Egg stands on a foot of hand engine-turned sterling silver with 24 karat gold. Four malachite columns are surmounted by vermeil dolphins, fashioned after those at the Peterhof fountain. Within the columns, Theo’s Samson Egg is crafted in royal blue guilloche enamel on silver — the iconic technique of the Fabergé family. On the top of the Egg, its finial is the triple-headed eagle pinnacle from the palace building, while the lower section of the lid is adorned with two ferocious lions in relief. To the base of the Egg, the bearded man, as on the real fountain, is depicted in medallions, positioned between the ornamental dolphins.

Open the Egg and in the tradition of the Fabergé family, the surprise is revealed, a miniature representation of the famed fountain. Samson is portrayed in 24 karat gold and silver, wrestling with the mighty lion and surrounded by a pool of blue hand made crystal.
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Samson Egg by Theo Faberge
Samson Surprise

Theo Fabergé depicts the style and craftsmanship of the glorious days of St. Petersburg in the 18th century in a contemporary objet d’art faithful to the magnificent heritage of his family.

Limited Edition 50
Height approximately 7 3/4 inches

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