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Garden Egg

Inspired by Theo Fabergé´s love of gardens, this Creation includes his favourite flowers of Orchids, Bird of Paradise and Roses. The Egg in Sterling Silver and vermeil, has swags of hand enamelled orchids set off by green guilloche enamel. The finial, being the Imperial Romanov Russian Crown, set with a cabochon ruby.

The base with steps leading up to the garden well, has green enamelled lawn planted with orchids and Bird of Paradise flowers. Look into the well and see the blue enamelled water.

Garden Egg Bucket On opening the Egg, the well becomes more apparent. The roof of the well covered in green enamelled ivy. Turn the ruby set handle to the well and the water bucket appears below the Egg. The bucket is empty. Now raise the bucket from below and the bucket appears within the well inside the Egg.

However, by magic, the bucket is now filled with two red roses representing love, set with sparkling diamonds. The water well within the Egg, has the special British Theo Faberge official hallmark.

To the back of the foot of the egg appears Theo Fabergé´s signature and the serial number. The Worldwide edition of just 98, being the launch date being what would have been Theo Faberge's 98th year from birth.
Limited Edition 98
Height approximately 7⅛ inches

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Garden Egg by Theo Faberge

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Garden Egg Video