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Royal Falcon Hunt Egg

Falconry has been the sport of royals throughout the world for centuries. The image of the proud hawk -- intelligent, alert and merciless -- is captured here by Theo Fabergé.

In Russia's Imperial capital St Petersburg, the royal family was renowned for dedication to the hunt. The Royal Falcon Hunt Egg pictures the Romanov palace with its onion domes, and the Falcon 'stooping' to her quarry. In London, Theo's father Nicolai ran the Fabergé family's only branch outside Russia at the time of the Russian Revolution, and the original purpose of the now fashionable nearby 'Mews' cottages was to house the hawks ready to be taken to hunt in Hyde Park by their noble masters.

The art of hunting with the falcon has developed its own vocabulary and heraldry, transcending borders and continents. The Royal Falcon Hunt Egg is mouth-blown in fine crystal and hand-engraved; the sculpted vermeil and polished goncalo alves wood are mounted with lapis lazuli. Theo's creation captures the majesty and splendour of this aristocrat of birds.

Limited Edition 250
Height approximately 6¾ inches

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Royal Falcon Hunt Egg by Theo Faberge
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