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Celestial Passion

Theo Fabergé flew to New York City in late 2002, beginning his final tour in the United States.

A special charity event was included at the then famous Firebird Restaurant and it was there that the magical concept for the Celestial Egg Passion was born.

Theo, not only being a designer but also an engineer, needed these skills to complete his vision of this egg, a masterpiece created from a marriage of these talents.

After almost two decades of work, the Celestial has come to fruition, its gilded lid opening like petals of a flower to reveal its surprise.

Rising on an elegant stem, the heavy embellished sterling silver and 18 karat gold overlay shell is made with four sections.

When a hidden button is pressed, the petals drop downward unveiling a second egg of brilliant deep blue enamel with gold stars echoing the constellations in the night sky.

Of course, Theo loved to continue the traditions of his grandfather Carl and the Russian Imperial Easter Eggs and he doesn’t disappoint with the Celestial.

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Celestial Passion
Celestial Passion Open

This Passion Creation features a double surprise, as nested inside the blue egg is the Dove of Peace. This final treasure is a miniature of the Dove in St Isaac's Cathedral in St Petersburg, which survived a direct hit during World War II, and continues to bring peace to all who view this marvel.

Gem Embellishments:
Triple Headed Eagle - 1 Lapis Half Cabochon         Outer Petals - 8 Diamonds
Top Decorations - 4 Faceted Rubies         Middle Swags - 3 Faceted Rubies
Lower Decorations - 4 Faceted Rubies         Inner Badges - 8 Faceted Rubies
Inner Egg - 1 Moonstone Half Cabochon         Surprise Bow - 1 Faceted Ruby
Dove - 2 Faceted Sapphires

Passion Creations are limited to only 12 being made in sterling silver, gold overlay, enamel and jewels.

An additional three eggs will be made with the surprises fashioned from 18 karat gold.

Limited Edition 12
Height approximately 12 ¾ inches

inquire for price of creation

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